It is very important to use social media to be a strong, reliable and recognized business. Potential customers mostly do internet research and examine the social media accounts of the brand to understand the value of a brand. That’s why Threads is a social media platform that should be used effectively by business owners. So, do you know how to set up a business account on Threads? You will find detailed information on this subject in our article.

What is Threads Business Account?
Accounts that allow businesses to advertise and sell on Threads, as well as help business personnel to communicate with customers quickly, and have different features from individual accounts are called Threads business accounts.

What Does Threads Business Account Do?

Threads business accounts today do a lot of important work in increasing brand recognition:

As a business owner or official, you can follow the statistics on Threads and organize your social media strategies according to this information. For example, you can organize different campaigns based on the information at which times customers visit the page more.
You can advertise your brand to a wider audience by advertising on Threads. It is possible to attract attention easily by highlighting your profile page or a post.
You can publish information and contact addresses about your brand on your page.
You can set up a Threads shop. So you can sell their products directly on Threads. By authorizing a person for this, you can ensure that the necessary steps for these sales are managed by him.
By using tags, you can make your posts appear in front of those who are doing research on the subject.
You can provide a faster workflow by dividing the messages in the DM box into three separate categories. For example, you can categorize questions about orders separately, so you can quickly answer customers’ questions.
A professional Threads page will help you increase the value of your brand.
Is Threads Business Account Paid?
Threads provides free business account for users. However, some additional services, such as advertising, are paid in the Threads business account.

How to Create a Threads Business Account?

You can follow the steps below to open a business account:

First, create a Threads account.
Go to your profile and click on the Settings tab.
Click on the page named Account and click on the “Switch to Professional Account” tab.
Read the “Information Text” that you will see on your screen and complete the steps.
Threads Business Account Advantages
When you open a Threads business account for your business,

You get potential customers to notice your brand. Do not underestimate the importance of attracting attention. Remember that Threads can help your brand a lot in getting noticed.
By opening a social media account, you can develop your business and sell easily. Fast sales and fast product delivery on Threads will ensure that your customers are satisfied.
Advertisements are very important in digital marketing. You can use Threads statistics to get your brand noticed, and organize colorful and interesting ads and campaigns on Threads.
You can easily edit visual content, share stories, and attract the attention of your audience by organizing collaborations. This will increase customers’ brand loyalty.
You can integrate your business account with your other social media accounts of your brand and share your content on multiple social media channels at the same time.
If you want your brand to stand out in the competitive business world and ensure continuous customer satisfaction, the Threads business account is for you. With good social media management and a good strategy, you can gain the appreciation of your customers.