On the platform developed by the Instagram team and requires an Instagram account to become a member, text up to 500 characters and video up to 5 minutes can be shared.

Meta, the umbrella company of Instagram, Facebook and Whatsapp, launched Threads, a new social media platform that will rival Twitter, on Wednesday.

More than 30 million people opened accounts on the new platform on the first day.

Developed by the Instagram team and requiring an Instagram account to become a member, the platform can share up to 500 characters of text and up to 5 minutes of video.

Can Threads compete with Twitter?
The radical change experienced by Twitter after it was bought by billionaire businessman Elon Musk caused questions about the future of the platform in the minds of millions of users.

There have been numerous technical issues with the platform since Musk took over in October.

Twitter, which changed the approved account application called “Blue Tick”, was subjected to criticism from users and advertisers regarding content management.

Finally, Twitter recently limited the number of posts users can see per day.

This has whetted the appetite of alternative platforms such as Mastodon, Bluesky and Spill.